Levin Ifko is an interdisciplinary artist. Blending practices in photography, fibre, sculpture, and installation, his visual art is playful and intimate. Writing plays a large role in his practice; utilising words to conjure queer memories, advocate for trans rights, and to imagine possible futures. As an avid collector of train tickets and a lover of street signage, he enjoys reflecting upon the roles that everyday objects have in shaping our perceptions of the world. Above all, he believes in art as a way of caring for ourselves and connecting with our communities.
Levin has shown their work across Alberta as part of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program, Exposure Photography Festival, The New Gallery, and most recently in a group show of Trans and Non-Binary artists at Stride Gallery.
Based in Mohkinstsis (Calgary AB), Levin is heavily involved with the arts at a local and national scale. This includes regular writing about art exhibitions for the online publication Akimbo; collaborating with other artists to create audio, video, and design projects; arts administration; as well as having designed and facilitated arts programs surrounding topics of mental health, LGBTQ+ artistic practises, video and performance art, and more.
Levin received his BFA in Media Arts (2022) from the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly the Alberta Collage of Art & Design, ACAD).